Cleverly social & globally connected.

Bespoke design events to sustain philanthropic initiatives.


(ā'trē-ō), The atrium; atrial. [L. atrium, an entrance hall]

In the ancient roman house, À-trio is a specific central circulation and meeting area, a place open to the sky. It grants the access to all the rooms and connects spaces and people.


À-trio is a creative entity that links ideas to new possibilities.

À-trio is a consulting agency that specializes in the organization of tailor made design events to sustain a variety of philanthropic initiatives.

À-trio draws on the wide ranging experience and network of the 2 established entrepreneurs Karine Warda a global luxury brand consultant and of Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte an international Design curator.


À-trio is a creative entity that links ideas to new possibilities.

We ANALYZE our partner's Brand heritage; identity the corporate mission so that the mandate entrusted in the designers presents a clear frame work.

We STIMULATE a variety of creative processes mixing instinct, knowledge and unexplored subject matter, to present innovative combinations of materials, people and projects.

We ENACT as an organization specialized in coordinating creative initiatives in the field of contemporary design, where we look to brands and designers to create exclusive, site specific, tailor made design projects.

We DICTATE the themes to be explored, inspire the objects to be realised and create a buzz to attain global media coverage.

We FILTER the choice of new up and coming talents or established designers with their distinct creative backgrounds to influence the whole of the event.

We CURATE the artists, designers and architects, according to the objective of the partner’s event, and adapt the selection, location and content to a specific mission and image.


À-trio is a creative entity that links ideas to new possibilities.

We IDENTIFY a bespoke project format and concept and then proceed with implementation, selection of designers, architects & artists, coordination of all activities from event to auction and related product development. We have preferred terms with auction houses, press agencies & suppliers; we benefit of access to unique location in key cities, as well as a privileged dialog with leading manufacturers & creatives in numerous industries.

We CREATE made to measure event and exhibition concepts that best fit the specific needs of the client, its partners and its creative vision. We give them in turn a great window to showcase their company, their heritage and their product in an exclusive setting amongst a valuable client set, international press, designers, celebrities, philanthropists, environmentalists, and notable members of the design, fashion and art worlds. We work to reach our clients’ set goal favoring a simple dialogue.

We SUSTAIN global fund-raising activities for charities oriented in cultural, educational and environmental preservation. We seek to support highly rated and performing charities which show accountable financial health and transparency. Our innovative aim is to propose alternative and disruptive contents in the design culture and create occasions for brands to support a series of charities and initiatives via our tailor made projects which are the right environment for design alchemy.

À-trio is a bridge pulling on innovative ideas towards new sphere of possibilities.